The Story

How the thought turned into business


I found myself driving to Canyon Lake from San Antonio almost every weekend during the summer of 2005. I had a thought out loud to my sons that it would be nice if we could leave the boat at the lake. By chance, about a year later, I came across 2.5 acres for sale 1/2 mile from boat ramp #7 and purchased it right away. About a year after the purchase, I informed my sons that we were ready to build but needed a name. Morningwood Boat & RV Storage was the name of choice. After all, it does usually get a good laugh when you think about it. We opened in 2008. It is a small family business, but it solved a large problem for me. Being in the automotive industry, the safety of my friends and family on the road is always on my mind. So having issues with tires and lights on the trailer, as well as, the deer that stepped out in front of my truck - well you get the idea. These conditions coupled with the price of gas and the damage the weather had on my boat made a storage space at the lake a sound investment. I am extending an invitation to all that are interested in solving similar problems encountered during what is supposed be a fun day at the lake.

Please do not hesitate to call if this sounds like a solution for you. 210-827-7800

  • This Boat and RV Facility was built for the people who enjoy the time they spend at Canyon Lake.
  • RV owners are welcome at canyon lake with a great variety of parks around the lake. They are there for day and overnight trips.
  • Storage facilities are plenty around canyon lake. I see this facility a step above the others," with their dirt floors and no electricity to keep batteries charged". There is no comparison.
  • Storage can also be for household goods or for automobiles. The choice is yours.
  • Morningwood Boat and RV Storage is proud to be called an extension of your own home.